Sanjay Rajapaksha — User Experience Designer

UI/ UX Design and Marketing

Draftstars was founded in 2016 to bring a world leading daily fantasy sports (DFS) platform to Australia.

I helped design the Draftstars mobile app with a focus on ease of use.

Myself and a Senior UX Designer ran multiple experiments.

From conducting 1-on-1 interviews we learned how to provide users with a better experience for new and existing users.

Learnings from the experiments allowed us to deliver a product that guided users to place educated bets, easily.

Once the product was complete I also assisting the Marketing team with digital advertising including Billboards and eDM’s.

The app’s release was in time for the AFL Finals.
Positive engagement was recorded, and lead to the company’s success that year.

ForDraftstars mobile app RoleUX Designer
DateOct 2016 – April 2017 Team1 Senior Product Designer, 1 Product Manager, 3 Mobile Engineers, 2 Backend Engineers
UX ToolsAffinity mapping, Usability testing, Competitive analysis, Data analysis, Qualitative research

Designing an Android and iPhone app

User flows

Delight users with innovative UI

Feedback to dev team in Ukraine

Creating assets for marketing and promotions

Designing advertising billboards